Using tape as a backup target
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Using Veeam Tape versus Native tape backup for DR

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I have been using Veeam to backup our small 3 host VMware environment for a while now. All along I have been using a Veeam File to Tape Backup job each night to copy my Repository, VBR Catalog and a Windows file share that holds copies of our SQL file backups. My thinking is that "air-gapped" backup would only be used for disaster recovery in the event of a ransomware hit or facilities loss. My question is, if this is all I am using tape for, is there any advantage/disadvantage to use the Veeam tape system versus any other backup program to copy these files to tape? The Veeam Server, Proxy, Repository and Tape Infrastructure all all running on the same Windows 2016 server.

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Re: Using Veeam Tape versus Native tape backup for DR

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Hello Paul,

Tape provides lost of options (long term archiving, offline backup, secondary storage, GFS retention etc), so I would not say that 'air-gapped' backup is the only reason to use it. Tape a look at this Tape is (not) dead video from our Executive blog. Cheers!

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