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v9 Tape newbie

Post by RLP » Jan 18, 2016 2:59 pm


With v9 we want to utilise Tape backups for the first time. Being new to us and with v9 just coming out I hoped I could pick from brains out there.

We currently have a single Forever Forward Incremental job with 60 recovery points which runs twice per day, every day. No synthetic or active fulls are used. We only have a single standalone tape streamer which doesn't have any barcode options.

We would like to have a situation where we can perform a daily (Mon-Fri) FULL backup to tape of the latest disk backup content. The content written to tape should be a fully independent copy and not reliant on other tapes, so we can pick any tape and be sure it's got a fully restorable copy of the VMs. Ideally this would be in a GFS scenario with specific tapes kept back for weekly, monthly etc.

Does having a basic standalone streamer prove a problem? Do we have to prepare media in a specific way for Veeam?

Any advice on how we can best set this up in v9 would be appreciated. Excuse the newbie questions please.

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Re: v9 Tape newbie

Post by PTide » Jan 18, 2016 3:21 pm

so we can pick any tape and be sure it's got a fully restorable copy of the VMs
I believe that virtual full backup to tape addresses your request, please see the article for more info on how it works. If for some reason that option does not satisfy your needs please let us know.

Thank you.

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