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Veeam B&R Community Edition RDX Support

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Hi forum,

I hope, that I don't overlook an other thread, in which maybe this topic gets already discussed. But I did not find anything about it. Also not in the feature comparision list of Veeam.
Currently I am backing up my vmware vpshere 7.0U3 environment using the Veeam B&R Community (Free) edition to a local disk repo (ReFS). Which works fine!
For ransomware protection I want to extend my backup strategy with an "Tandberg RDX QuikStor Mobile USB3+ Drive (8782-RDX)" to store my monthly backups off-site.
Is that possible with the community edition of veeam?
I saw, that the RDX-Drive gets configured as repository like a direct attached windows drive with the option enabled "This repository is backed by rotated hard drives".
Is there any other community/free edition limitation, which would prevent from using an RDX-Drive in this constelation?

Just for clarification. I dont want to create a backup copy. I would create an new monthly job, which includes all the needed VMs and the RDX-Drive as Target.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Veeam B&R Community Edition RDX Support

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Hi Julian

Yes, they need to be configured as a rotated repository.

RDX drives are fully supported by the community edition. You can either use backup or backup copy jobs to write data to a RDX medium. Just note, that GFS is not possible for rotated repositories.

Please also see our kb article for RDX:

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