Veeam V7 tape drive questions

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Veeam V7 tape drive questions

Veeam Logoby mykl_74 » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:12 pm

Hi all. I am at the point where I need to purchase a new tape library now due to hardware failures of our current device. Now I know that v7 is not out yet, and understand the reasons for limited information availability right now. My question is, when v7 is released, will there be any compatibility list for tape drive/library devices also available at that point?

The recent community update email from Gostev stated 'we require that OEM drivers for your tape devices are installed (there is no support for devices that appear as Unknown or Generic in Windows Device Manager), so start looking for the latest drives now.'

Is that the only requirement? I'm looking at the IBM TS3100, which does have drives for the library supplied by IBM. Or to ask differently, as far as acquiring a tape device that is compatible with Veeam, am I in the same situation now as I will be after the release? Or will there be more information available then?

Thanks much in advance!
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Re: Veeam V7 tape drive questions

Veeam Logoby Vitaliy S. » Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:17 pm

Hello Mike,

Once v7 goes GA, there definitely will be more information available. As to the your tape device choice, then based on the feedback coming from our system engineers there should be no problems with IBM TS3100. This device was tested extensively as a part of Veeam B&R v7 beta, and was found to be fully compatible.

Thank you!
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Veeam V7 tape drive questions

Veeam Logoby Gostev » Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:15 pm

Let me post the list of all tape devices that were tested as a part of the beta right now. We will certainly not have anything better than that at the time of the release, and until we launch self-certification program for the tape vendors, as well as start getting feedback from end users on the specific device models.
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