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automatic fille-backup to "one-drive-for-bussiness" account?

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Customer has one on-prem Windows 2016 Std. Server (as a fileserver) + a o365 Tentant for Emails.

Is it possible for Veeam Agent to do automatic file-backup to a "one-drive business account" ?

I know about the "need" to backup also o365-Emails via Veeam Agent.

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Re: automatic fille-backup to "one-drive-for-bussiness" account?

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OneDrive for Business is a supported type of destination storage, however there are some limitations that must be considered(configuration-specific limits, throttling limit, etc) - you can find full list here, but main one is that said job could only be configured on standalone agent(that is, cannot be centrlly managed from VBR).

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