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Backup over slow Internet connection or WAN link

Post by j.such » Feb 08, 2019 1:31 pm


I would like to backup my customer's PCs over slow links as mentioned in the subject.

Veeam Agent for Windows licenses were bought.

Customer's office is connected to our company by IPSec tunnel: LAN-to-LAN

Office's PCs ( connected by LAN or Wi-Fi ) can backup entire computer to our:
* Veeam backup repository ( Veeam B&R v. 9.5 update 3 Standard license )
* Shared folder

Mobile users can connect to office by SSL VPN Client and make similar backup
routed to our company by tunel mentioned above.

I visited custommers office and made initial entire backups to my local disk which were initial backups for backup jobs.

Mobile users aren't easy available and backup jobs would start from initial Full Backup.

Questions: # I worry about slow backup speed and long backup time ...
How to optimize backup process ?
Which is better: backup to Veeam backup repository or to shared folder ?
Which type of backup is better: Incremental, Reverse Incremental ?

Any advices, suggestions, recommendations will be greatly appreciated :)

I started to read Veeam technical documentation of course but no easy answers found.

Janusz Such

Dima P.
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Re: Backup over slow Internet connection or WAN link

Post by Dima P. » Feb 08, 2019 5:21 pm

Hello and welcome to the community Janusz.

Veeam Cloud Connect repository would be the best as it allows you backup to the repository over regular internet connection but that requires Cloud Connect infrastructure. Veeam B&R repository as a target will also work in conjunction with Backup cache functionality. As for backup mode I'd rather use forever forward incremental without periodic full backup (makes backup transfer better as you do transfer full backup file only once). Hope that helps!

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Re: Backup over slow Internet connection or WAN link

Post by govi » Feb 11, 2019 8:07 am

Hi Dima,

I have got similar challenge when it comes to remote users. I have got couple of users which are always remote site and don't have SSL VPN connection(rather they don't need). Yes, as you suggested, I have tried Cloud connect service from one of the provider but its taking more then 2 days to upload data of 90 GB( Speed 72/20Mbps line) Pretty decent speed, was wondering if I try to upload full backup which is over 100GB then its gonna take forever. I am not sure if only location upload speed matter or both site( internet speed of Laptop which we are trying to do the backup and cloud connect service provider) upload speed?
Do you have any recommendation for faster cloud connect service provider. Not practical to keep laptop for 2 or 3 days just to upload full backup of Laptop. If upload takes 2 to 3 days then download is going going to take atleast one day i guess.
What is the best way to deal with this type of Scenario?



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