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Backup repository in AZURE

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We have a couple of remote laptop users, that we want to protect having veeam endpoint doing their backups. For that, and to avoid consuming both bandwidth and storage space onpremises, we want to configure a Veeam repository directly in our Azure tenant and publish it to the Internet so those users can use it as their backup repository.
Is this possible?
What ports do we need to open to Internet from AZURE?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Backup repository in AZURE

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Hi Diogo,

Of course, you may spin up a Windows VM in Azure and assign it a role of a repository (the ports necessary for communication of standalone agents with repositories are described here), but I would think three times about it mainly because of restore speed and cost concerns, then security. Performance- and security-wise the best option is still to perform backups to a Cloud Connect provider.


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