BMR a physical to virtual with B&R issue

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BMR a physical to virtual with B&R issue

Veeam Logoby mairiesuresnes » Wed May 06, 2015 10:35 am



First, EndPoint Backup is GREAT!

So I backed up my physical Exchange Server with 3 volumes (reserved, C: and F: for the Exchange databases) to the Veeam Repository.
I can restore items (email, calendar, contact) with the Standard version.

I wanted to compare the easiness with the Enterprise version.
So I copied the backup (included the VeeamBackupRecoveryMedia.iso + .vbm + .vbk) to my test server with B&R in Enterprise.
I successfully imported the backup.
I can restore in one-click the items (instead of going through the export and import .pst file) = GREAT!

Now I wanted to test the restore functionality of a datastore.
As I don't want to crash my Exchange server, I tried to restore this server as a BMR on a virtual machine.
I created a VM with 2 disks with sufficient space, booted on the VeeamBackupRecoveryMedia.iso and went on the process of the BMR by getting the backup through the Veeam Repository
I manually reassigned the volumes so space is enough for each disk.
But it fails : with a "failed to download disk" by indicating a wrong path to the backup file: it is removing the first character of the file (see below the code part: missing the 'B' as in Backup)
Same goes for the log zip file generated named "". It is missing the 'A'

More détails available in the logs:

Code: Select all
ERR |Failed to process {Invoke} command
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |Details:
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |[b]File does not exist. File: [F:\ackup Job APOLLO2015-05-05T095628.vbk][/b].
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Failed to open storage for read access. Storage: [F:\ackup Job APOLLO2015-05-05T095628.vbk].
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Cannot apply patches stored in folder [RelativePath://ackup Job APOLLO2015-05-05T095628.vbk[6745a759-2205-4cd2-b172-8ec8f7e60ef8 (4c4c4544-0038-3210-8046-c7c04f363432)]].
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Failed to build restore point.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Failed to open backup disk partition source.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |Failed to upload disk.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Disk upload failed.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Unable to run ProtoEx server session.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Failed to handle ProtoEx session.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |Reconnectable protocol device was closed.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:ProtoEx client session failed.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |Failed to download disk.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |--tr:Disk download failed.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| >>  |Agent failed to process method {DataTransfer.SyncDisk}.
[06.05.2015 09:50:41] <  1888> cli| Next client command: [disconnect].

I keep tring different ways by using the Veeam Repository, each time it failed.

So I gave a try with a BMR using a shared folder: reassigned manually the disks, and now it seems to be working! (reserved system has been restored on the first disk, C: is 29% right now).
I will update this thread with the result.

I know that the product is not a VMware Converter and what I was trying to do is maybe too much for this version, nevertheless I can send you the logs if you're interested.

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Re: BMR a physical to virtual with B&R issue

Veeam Logoby Mike Resseler » Wed May 06, 2015 12:06 pm


Yes, please upload the logs to a dropbox or onedrive or something and DM Dima P. here on the forums with the download link and the reference to this thread


Mike Resseler
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Re: BMR a physical to virtual with B&R issue

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Wed May 06, 2015 5:43 pm

Hi mairiesuresnes,
As Mike said before, please, share the Bare Metal Recovery logs with me – we definitely want to investigate it!
Dima P.
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