BMR Restore Partitions cutomization

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BMR Restore Partitions cutomization

Veeam Logoby smurugun » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:33 am

Dear Team,

i have noticed that while BMR restore with Windows Agent, we required 100 % Partition size not the Used (Data) Size,

please find the example below,

Server OS : Windows 2012 R2

Drive Partition Size Used Size
C: (OS) 200 GB 120 GB
D: (Data) 300 GB 75 GB

in above example, we must required the Destination server with 500 GB Disk size to restore with Veeam BMR even though it has the used size of 195 GB Data.

please let me know if there is any way to resize the partition according to the data size while restoring the server with BMR or Veeam has to consider this point in feature release.
Murugan. S
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Re: BMR Restore Partitions cutomization

Veeam Logoby Mike Resseler » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:38 am


If I understand it correctly, you want to restore the volumes to smaller volumes (for example, going from a HDD to SDD). That is possible since VEB 1.1 if I am not mistaken.

In this documentation: ... tml?ver=20 (please note this is beta documentation so there might be mistakes (and we are also happy to hear them ;-)) you will see that you can do a manual restore

The next two steps then will guide you in resizing and changing the disk layout

Let us know if it helps

Mike Resseler
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