DAS Configuration recommendations

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DAS Configuration recommendations

Veeam Logoby K3llz » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:21 pm

Hey all,

I am going to be setting a DAS storage device for my Veeam Endpoint Backups. I will have approximately 70 computers running VEB and backing up to this array. I'm looking for recommended RAID settings and any other settings that may be relevant.

I'd like to start by listing my equipment:
-Dell PowerVault MD3000 with 15 SAS 400GB 10k RPM drives
-Dell PowerEdge 2950, Server 2008 Standard, 8GB RAM, Dual Xeon 5130 @ 2GHz
-3Gbps connection between Vault and Edge
-1Gbps LAN
-Currently the array is RAID 5 with 4.72TB of space

We had that setup for about a year so far and everything has been OK, but recently a large number of backups are unable to be restored using bare metal recovery due to a LZ4 error. This appears to be storage level corruption. All tests on the array come back fine. I went ahead and moved all the backups to a 4TB external USB and I am about to reformat that array, but I'm looking for some tuning recommendations beforehand.

Is RAID5 still a viable RAID level for what we are using it for? The tuning guide that came with the array says "RAID 5 is best for long sequential I/Os", which is what I would assume a VEB backup would consist of?

From Veeam KB2023 it recommends formatting volume with NTFS Large File Record Segments and a maximum cluster size of 64kb. Does this still pertain today?

Any other tips/recommendations would be great. Also any ideas that could prevent backups from being corrupted like before?

Thank you
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