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Endpoint Recovery Not Working

Post by WalterRobbs »

I've created the USB media and after booting to the USB, there is a DOS prompt windows and it just sits there. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Endpoint Recovery Not Working

Post by Gostev »

As explained when you click New Topic, this is not a support forum. You should always open a support case for assistance with any technical issue. Please, don't just ignore the rules of this community in future.

My only idea is that you have created the recovery media on an unsupported Windows version?

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Re: Endpoint Recovery Not Working

Post by Craigb »

I wonder if you've used a previously bootable USB stick and it's booted BIOS instead of UEFI. Diskpart and CLEAN it might be useful to try, then re-create the USB drive from the Veeam menu. ??
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Re: Endpoint Recovery Not Working

Post by SebekW »

Not make usb
Make iso and copy iso to pendrive but before in the pendrive install ventoy software. Restart computer, pendrive boot automaticly indentify UEFI, nonuefi, gpt, mbr anyway. Shows menu and choose the iso with normaly boot. Without making bootable usb.

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Re: Endpoint Recovery Not Working

Post by chris.childerhose »

As asked by Gostev - what version of Windows were you using when you created the bootable ISO file? If it is Windows 22H2, then it is not fully supported just yet in v11a and will be in v12 with the new Agent and creating the ISO bootable file. If you need to create a bootable ISO for this OS, then use 22H1 or even a Windows 10 machine to create the ISO and boot with that which works.
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Re: Endpoint Recovery Not Working

Post by dwj7738 » 1 person likes this post

I had the exact same problem and the solution was use windows 10 to create the recovery usb. Microsoft has made changes to the windows recovery environment and this is what is causing the problem. As stated previously Veeam is aware of this issue and it will be addressed in the next version.
File recovery still works but not from the bootable media.
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