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Feature Request: Ability to canavcel shutting down

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II have scheduled the backup at evening on weekly basis.
I usually keep it power on the day I schedule the backup and let shut it down after it's done.
So can go to bed and not need to power it on overnight.

I also set the event that after "logging off" for preventing to start the backup .

Instead of preventing to start the scheduled backup, I would like backup to start at time when if I'm still using PC.
When it comes to end, I would like the process to countdowns the showdown event for few min and give me a option to cancel shutting down but continue to use.

I think other backup system I used before does this so process can be run happily at back-end.


PS Also it's great if I can choose whcih day of the week it will run. Currently, I can only set it in interval, and only based on last day it was run.

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Re: Feature Request: Ability to canavcel shutting down

Post by Dima P. »

Hi Ben,

I am not sure I got your scenario. Right now if you schedule the daily backup you can set the post job activity (i.e. sleep/hibernate or shutdown) and when the job succeeds you should see the timer prompt.


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