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Feature Request - Apply file filters to volume mount selections

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So we are moving away from another backup product Druva to Veeam for laptop backups. We have a customer with a about 40 machines with a secondary D: drive. We use file level backup to our data center cloud connect repository. We found that if you enter D:\ in the backup policy of the Veeam service provider console. It then ignores any file filters and backups on the entire D: drive.(this is stated in the documentation) This was not an issue with Druva and now the only work around would be to get all the users to standardize on a folder structure so that we can provide those folder paths in the backup policy config.

What is the technical limitation that doesn't allow filters to apply to a volume selection when the method is file level backup mode but it can apply to a path specified on the volume?

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Re: Feature Request - Apply file filters to volume mount selections

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when a volume is selected, then the "file based" backup switches to "block based" or "volume based" backup.

I described that here: post355542.html#p355542

File filters to not work at volume level backups. The technical limitation is VSS (Microsoft volume shadow copy services). Veeam uses VSS for backup.

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