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Feature Request: Change Port 6183

Post by u19208 » Sep 08, 2017 7:42 am 1 person likes this post

I was asked to start a new Topic by the Veeam Support Team regarding my Case # 02295395 to Report a Feature request, which is:
Why not Change the Veeam Agent for Windows Default port 6183 to anything else, e.g. 6184 or any other, which is not in use by other crucial applications like MS Exchange Server?

We had some Trouble after installing the current Agent since the Veeam-Service didn't start running after the Installation:

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Veeam.Backup.Common.CConnectionFailedException: [This server] Failed to connect to Installer service. ---> Veeam.Backup.Common.CConnectionFailedException: [This server] Failed to connect to Installer service. ---> System.Exception: [This server] Failed to discover Installer service. ---> System.Exception: [This server] Failed to check whether remote Installer service is available. ---> System.ApplicationException: Der RPC-Server ist nicht verf�gbar RPC function call failed. Function name: [GetSvcVersion]. Target machine: []. bei VeeamProxyClient.RegenerateCLRException(exception* excBase) bei VeeamProxyClient.CCliVeeamDeployer.PingService() bei Veeam.Backup.ProxyProvider.CProxyRawDeployerService.TestConnection(String srvName, CCliVeeamDeployer veeamDeployer) --- Ende der internen Ausnahmestapelüberwachung --- bei Veeam.Backup.ProxyProvider.CProxyRawDeployerService.Connect(String srvName, IPAddress[] ips, CCredentials creds, Int32 configPort, Boolean install) bei Veeam.Backup...
On that physical machine we've got an Exchange Server 2012 running, and thanks to this post veeam-agent-for-windows-f33/rpc-service ... 14-15.html we could figure out on how to bring it up, which is changing the port for the Agent from 6183 to 6184.

However, editing the registry and changing system settings might be a workaround short term, but we're concerned that this might have negative consequences later on, any product update or upgrade (e.g for MS Exchange, the OS or be Veeam itself) might not handle this manipulation correctly and we could be running into problems again because of that.
And what occurred here is obviously not an individual problem related to our configuration or environment, as there are others with the same problem, see this Forum.

This problem did not occur with the previously used Veeam Endpoint Backup, so it is clearly related to the new agent, and when a service cannot be started on a new installation with a product that is said to be supported, then what we've got here is a BUG - which should be fixed by Veeam.

So, do you consider to change the default port settings (or any other change, that would result in using the default settings again) in the veeam agent with the next patch or update?
We'd appreciate that...



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Re: Feature Request: Change Port 6183

Post by Dima P. » Sep 29, 2017 2:46 pm

Hello and welcome u19208,

Thanks for your post! We will review and discuss your post the dev team.

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