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Feature Request for large number of files

Post by jamcool »

I was a TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) admin for about 15 years before we retired it a few years ago and replaced it with Veeam's Windows agent. One feature that TSM client on Windows had was called Journaling. It would track files that changed so that when you did a file level backup, it just had to backup the files it had logged and not inspect every single file on the server. This was great for systems that had millions of files. It had a limitation such that if you stopped TSM journaling service (or rebooted), it had to do one regular backup (inspect all files) but after that it just checked the journal's log file. Backups that would take days to run inspecting millions (or 10s of million of files) would run in minutes. Would be nice to have a feature like this in Veeam's Window agent. Most of my large number of files servers have been replaced by NAS but I still have a few that have those 1+ million files and take half a day to run and backup maybe a thousand files of less than 50 GB in the end.

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Re: Feature Request for large number of files

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that feature was great long time ago, yes.

Today we have block based backup with changed block tracking (CBT).

I recommend using "entire system" or "volume level backup". That's what the agent is built for. ... ml?ver=110

If you really want file-based backup, we have NAS backup for that. Different mechanism (reboots are no problem), but also very fast. ... ml?ver=110

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Re: Feature Request for large number of files

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For image-level backups, also be sure you have the Veeam CBT driver installed on the protected machine.

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