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FEATURE REQUEST: Monthly Backups for Veeam Endpoint

Post by mcosens » Mar 21, 2017 1:48 pm

I would like more options available for scheduling backups for endpoints. Right now I can either schedule only weekly backups (which is to much for our infrastructure right now or when targets are connected. I would like an option for monthly or even if weekly but have the option of "back up no more often than every # day also work for periodically backups and not just at events backups. Then I could schedule it for a certain day of the week but it would not backup more often than every 30 days or whatever I set it to.

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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Monthly Backups for Veeam Endpoint

Post by Dima P. » Mar 22, 2017 12:46 am

Hi mcosens,

It’s possible to schedule monthly backup via UI for VAW 2.0 server edition (currently in beta). For workstation / free edition (or VEB 1.5) it’s possible to schedule a script via task scheduler to start a backup via command line.

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Re: FEATURE REQUEST: Monthly Backups for Veeam Endpoint

Post by mdowney » Mar 23, 2017 1:52 pm 1 person likes this post

I second this request. I haven't upgraded to v1.5 of Veeam Endpoint Protection because the periodic backups no longer respect the "Backup no more often than..." setting. I'm still a huge fan of scheduling a nightly backup, but telling VEP to not backup more than every 7 days or so.

There are two huge advantages to the way it used to work. First, if a backup is missed because the computer is offline or turned off, it will backup at the scheduled time rather than the next time the computer is on or connected. So, if I scheduled backups at night, it won't start trying to back up as soon as the user turns on his computer when he's back in the office and is trying to get work done or when the user connects over the VPN, in which case the backup will eventually fail, but then also fail to run again when appropriate. Second, if I have Veeam set to not backup more than every 7 days and I run a manual backup, for example before installing Windows updates, and it will now wait 7 days for the next backup rather than running an extra backup if I have it scheduled for a specific day of the week.

And, as the OP pointed out, the old method gave users great flexibility for scheduling. Only allowing Weekly and forcing the user to choose specific days of the week was a huge step backwards, in my opinion. I can see some people liking the days of the week options, but that change came at great cost in flexibility. All the developers need to do is change the "Backup no more often than..." setting to apply to _all_ schedules and everybody could be happy!


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