Feature Request - New .vck file creation

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Feature Request - New .vck file creation

Veeam Logoby marius roma » Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:53 pm

After instaling VEB in December I see a single .vbk file and lots of .vib files.
I append the list of files in my USB drive.
Reading the manual I would expect to see a new .vbk file, but I see only new .vib files.
Is it because many backup were performed manually (not scheduled)?
How frequently should the new .vbk file be created?
I would like to be able to select how frequently a new .vbk file is created and obsolete .vib files are removed.

Directory di F:\VeeamBackup\Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>

04/01/2015 21.38 <DIR> .
04/01/2015 21.38 <DIR> ..
04/01/2015 21.38 201.465 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>.vbm
14/12/2014 19.39 43.343.267.840 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-14T185648.vbk
14/12/2014 20.29 1.027.853.824 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-14T202400.vib
14/12/2014 21.34 200.074.240 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-14T213013.vib
14/12/2014 22.12 178.721.792 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-14T220719.vib
16/12/2014 09.21 1.472.362.496 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-16T091358.vib
16/12/2014 14.10 4.233.528.832 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-16T140124.vib
19/12/2014 13.05 1.419.688.448 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-19T125052.vib
19/12/2014 14.03 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-19T135723.vib
30/12/2014 12.55 857.513.984 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-30T124929.vib
30/12/2014 13.44 1.665.007.616 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-30T132440.vib
31/12/2014 16.44 1.882.587.648 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2014-12-31T163736.vib
02/01/2015 10.30 1.507.677.184 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2015-01-02T102351.vib
02/01/2015 11.13 225.104.384 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2015-01-02T110836.vib
02/01/2015 17.54 547.951.104 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2015-01-02T174856.vib
03/01/2015 17.19 1.274.333.696 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2015-01-03T171205.vib
04/01/2015 21.37 2.494.961.152 Backup Job <COMPUTERNAME>2015-01-04T213015.vib
17 File 63.370.846.457 byte
2 Directory 283.617.337.344 byte disponibili
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Re: Feature Request - New .vck file creation

Veeam Logoby Mike Resseler » Mon Jan 05, 2015 4:02 pm

Actually, you will only see one VBK file.

After the first full backup, it will be forever incremental. The amount of backups will be determined by the number of days in retention that you have chosen. If the full drops outside of that retention range, it will actually merge itself with the next incremental and then clean-up the obsolete VIB file. The complete procedure is described in the beta manual. But again, you don't create a new VBK file anymore after the first backup unless you decide to create an ad-hoc backup (which is standalone, outside of the chain) or the chain breaks for whatever reason

Hope it helps

Mike Resseler
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