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Hidden SAN disks

Post by RaboRemco »

Hi All,

I've run into an interesting feature of Veeam for Windows. By default te SAN disks are hidden from the bare metal restore console. This appears to be by design (support handed me a workaround). But, why is there no checkbox to unhide these? I'd imagine that we are not the only organisation that boots our physical servers from SAN, and has no interna disk at all in our server blades. Having to toss around with registry keys is so very clumsy and error prone. This will lead to frustrated windows administrators in case of a DR. Can we please have a checkbox? Or even a smarter solution?

Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Hidden SAN disks

Post by Egor Yakovlev »

Hi Rabo!

Thing with SAN-presented LUNs, is that it's way more complex than it seems from a first glance. There are way too many options to check for during bare metal restore process:

- How SAN is presented to a new machine? Is that FC or iSCSI, lets say? How shall Recovery Media on a bare-metal hardware check for SAN storage around it? I mean even if we detect a NIC, there is physically no way to check for iSCSI targets available until you add those(I assume you don't want to use auto-discover with no authentication).

- Say, its FC SAN. Bare-metal restore can be done on a totally different server with totally different hardware - say new FC HBA with new drivers needed to operate with, or even same but with different firmware? How shall Bare-metal recovery media detect those, aside existing "hey new hardware found, give me the driver"? By the way, that method should work during BMR, and recovery media should detect presented SAN LUNs just fine. But yeah, since you had a support ticket, guess it's some tricky configuration you have there...Can you please share support case ID?

Anyway, thanks for feedback! I have noted your request to see if we can auto-discover SAN LUNs from BMR in the future. Cheers!

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