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Incremental Backup

Post by cecchetti_g »

Hi there,

i use veeam agent for endpoint windows since the first time it have been released,
recently i bought a new laptop with Win10, my old one was a Win7 PC.

Well, with the old PC, Win7 based (i forgot which version od Windows Agent i used there), i did my backup in incremental way, only the first time i have performed a full backup. At the end of the retention period, Windows Agent automatically merged the full backup with the older incremental backup...and so on.....

With Windows Agent im using in the new Laptop (Win10) it seems not possible anymore to schedule the same type of backup,
the only way i have found to perform an incremental backup is to ask for "Backup Now", if i try to set up a new job, there is no possibility to schedule an incremental backup,

by the way i guess it's my fault, it's impossible that the new version of Windows Agent could be worse than the precedent one.

Could anybody help me?

thanx a lot

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Re: Incremental Backup

Post by Shestakov »

Hi Giancarlo and welcome to the community!
You just need to uncheck both check-boxes on Advanced Backup Settings step.

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