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Issues with bare metal restore

Post by tom78cje »

Hey everyone, I am having issues performing a bare metal restore. I have created a full backup from a HP desktop and I'm trying to restore it to a Dell desktop. It seems regardless of what settings I change during the restore process, the restore will complete successfully but Windows fails to boot. Either there is no boot device found or Windows will start a restore process that fails. Even using a Windows 10 USB to try and repair the OS fails.

Initially, the NVMe hard drive on the Dell didn't appear during the restore process. I had to install Windows 10 Pro on the Dell, installed Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows and create the restore media on the workstation with the DriverStore folder selected for additional drivers. So after that the hard drive showed up, I was able to successfully restore from the full backup and Windows still fails to load, No bootable devices found.

I thought I might have gotten close to a solution following this KB article about converting the drive to MBR but nothing.

I'm at a loss of what to do. I put as much detail on the settings below. Not sure if the backup settings need to be changed, which disks need to be restored, if restoration settings need to be changed, no idea.

Job Mode – Workstation
Backup Mode – Entire Computer
Disk 0 – Includes volume C, D
Creates 4 disks (Not sure which ones need to be restored)
· Windows RE Tools - 980 MB
· Windows (C:) – 221.9 GB
· Recovery Image (D:) – 15.1 GB
· EFI system partition – 360 MB
Restore Point – Full
Restore Mode – Manual restore (Auto-match disks fails)

Original Workstation
· HP ProDesk 600 G3
· Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit
· Build 1903
· 256 SSD

New Workstation
· Dell Micro Optiplex 5070
· 256 NMVe 2.0
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Re: Issues with bare metal restore

Post by chris.arceneaux »

Hi Tom,

Welcome to Veeam forums!

The Windows OS (amongst others) does not like it when the physical hardware up and changes. This explains why after performing a full restore on different hardware, Windows will not boot.

Not to fret, all hope is not lost. You'll need to install Windows on your Dell desktop. Once it is setup and running, it's time to restore. This time, you want to choose a File-Level Restore. Below is a link that will walk you through the File-Level Restore process:

Restoring Files and Folders

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