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Most hidden bug: Restore not successfull

Post by galnar »

Hello everyone,
I tried to write an ticket over the technical Support button in the Software but for some reason the email Validation says that my email address is unknown.......

I´ve got an Issue with the restore function of your software. For testing the Beta I decided to make an Backup of my system drive (c:). After the successfull backup task I removed the existing hdd and build in another hdd (different manufacturer and capacity <-- the new one is much bigger). After that I restarted the Computer with my restore media (usb stick) ....erverything works fine. I choosed bare metal recovery, selected the backup file and the drive for restoring. After restoring the entire Computer or files or a single drive (I tried every Option in every combination you can imagine) the log says that everything is ok. Then I started the Computer from the new hdd and nothing happens. OS cannot be found. I spend almost 2 two days for testing this but with no success. For "cross testing" I installed some other Backup Software (free Software and payware). I had no Problems to get my pc back to work with the new hdd....I´m writing this message on this Computer with the new drive right now.... :mrgreen:

I hope this message will help you improving the Software..........................

Mike Resseler
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Re: Most hidden bug: Restore not successfull

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hi Frank,

The normal procedure allows you to verify your email first. You should get an email rather fast after that and then click on a link in that email. And then you should be able to log a case. If it doesn't work, let us know so we can give instructions to manually upload logs on a dropbox or onedrive or something.

For the BMR, we are very interested in this case and want to investigate further. Is it possible that you try this again, but after the restore, before rebooting go to the tools and save the logs to a location and then save it on a dropbox or onedrive again. It would be very helpful

Keep us posted



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Re: Most hidden bug: Restore not successfull

Post by Dima P. »

That might be an interesting bug. Could you run the recovery on the said hard drive one more time:

- when finish do not shut down the recovery appliance
- close wizard
- go to tools and use collect logs tool inside the appliance
- save it to the usb drive
- upload to the dropbox/googledrive and PM me a download link?

In order to open a support case you need to verify your email address thru the register link in the tool (Email is not registered with Veeam. Register link) but such procedure would not provide us much information as it collects log from the running application instead of the needed recovery appliance log files.

In addition, I wonder what mode you used during backup configuration backup. In case volume level backup – which volumes you selected (any chance you unselected System Reserved or EFI partitions)?

Thank you in advice, your help is highly appreciated!

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Re: Most hidden bug: Restore not successfull

Post by tallpr24 »

hi Frank:

is the system your having an issue with running uefi firware? im having an issue as well but for me i have reported the bug (my post) .
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