Performance backing up to VB&R Repo - Win 10 Edu Edition

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Performance backing up to VB&R Repo - Win 10 Edu Edition

Veeam Logoby deebee » Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:16 pm

Ticket ref: #01072714

I've been using VEP for a good while on our Windows 7 machines to backup to a Veeam B&R server quite successfully.

However I am beginning to test Windows 10 in our environment, and have had significant performance problems running the backups, but only when backing up to the B&R repo. I have no issues backing up to an SMB share which exists on the same machine as the B&R repo, simply bypassing the B&R repo and writing direct to the share.

We are using Windows 10 Education Edition (Basically a tweaked version of Enterprise for Education use) and the problem we face with VEP is that *any* communication with the B&R server seems to take several minutes at a time - even during the set up process of the backup job - when choosing the B&R repo to back up to, it takes 3-5 minutes at each stage when it is communicating to find available repos, and then detecting the free space, and then again at the summary screen before being able to click 'finish'.

This slow communication continues into the backup jobs themselves. Actual data transfers are fine (almost as fast as with windows 7) - but the housekeeping around the job causes the backup to not even begin to transfer data for more than 40 minutes on average. VSS snapshot creation times are fast, as is the data transfer itself (once it finally gets going). It is only the periods where the VEP client is communicating with the B&R repo which are painfully slow.

During the (very!) long pauses, the endpoint computer is completely idle - no cpu or disk activity of any kind, and packet traces (from wireshark) reveal a very occasional burst of just a few packets between client and server.

Jobs do complete, they simply take (almost!) forever. With even an incremental taking upwards of 90 minutes to complete.

During my testing I have tried endpoint on a machine running Windows 10 Professional - and VEP works as expected, with everything running as quickly as expected, no pauses, no problems.

Has anyone else had this problem with Windows 10 Education edition? It seems it must be something to do with the Education edition causing the issues I'm seeing.
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Re: Performance backing up to VB&R Repo - Win 10 Edu Edition

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:49 pm

Hello David,

Could it be related to the integrated firewalls or malware scanners? If it’s an education edition I believe it should have a stronger preconfigured security pattern that may cause EP to operate slowly. Can you try to add VEB to exclusions wherever possible?
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