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Powershell script to control content of backups ?

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Before going into the documentation and the code, I wanted to know if according to you it was possible to obtain by program (powershell) this view :


As you can see, i can see "incomplete" :


My goal is to have a report and a fault detector :
- no backup since X days
- no complete backup since X days (only increment)
- space used by backup

The program could then alert the user (link with Workstation Name and Email) directly to come into the office or leave the computer on overnight to make a full backup.

I'm not asking for a ready-made program of course, I'm just looking to see if the powershell functions available in Veeam will allow me to do this.


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Re: Powershell script to control content of backups ?

Post by Mildur »


Have you tried VeeamOne for such reports? They won't be for the end user, but you can use them as the backup administrator for an overview:
Report for no backup since X days
Report for space used by backup

As far as I know, generating a report or alarm for no complete backup since X days (only increment) is not directly possible in Veeam One.

If you want to check for the restore point type and do some automation, you can use Get-VBRRestorePoint. One example:

Code: Select all

#Query the backup policy. The * is required for managed by agent backup policies.
$Backup = Get-VBRBackup -Name VAW-managed-workstation*

#Query restorepoints and their type:
Get-VBRRestorePoint -Backup $Backup
You can also build a logic around the creation time to send out mails in case the last restore point was created a few days ago.

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