Reusable Recovery Media

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Reusable Recovery Media

Veeam Logoby rboynton » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:09 pm

Each machine we install the Windows Agent onto asks for creating recovery media. Do we need to make a recovery Flashdrive or CD for each machine, or can we create one disk and use it anywhere needed?
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Re: Reusable Recovery Media

Veeam Logoby sg_sc » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:54 pm

The recovery media created includes drivers for the hardware of that specific machine. If all the machines are the same you don't need multiple media.
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Re: Reusable Recovery Media

Veeam Logoby Mike Resseler » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:02 am

Hi Rick,

@sg_sc is correct. If your hardware is the same, and the OS family is the same then it is indeed not necessary. But, it is also not necessary when you have your set of drivers for each machine. The recovery media creation will grab the different drivers from the machine but you can create one recovery media, add a bunch of additional drivers on it, or even load drivers when you are booted on the recovery media.

Hope it helps
Mike Resseler
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