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VAW: Path/Folder/File exclusions

Post by holden205 » Feb 21, 2018 5:25 pm

I currently have a little less than 400 laptops using the VAW 2.3 with Veeam B&R 3.0 managing the backups. The file level backup options are extremely limited compared to previous versions and standalone agent options. In the Windows world all user profiles are sub-located under C:\Users. Well, there are a number of folders and files I would prefer not to be included in the backup files. However, all combinations of folder path exclusion I've tried has not worked. I have contacted support and been directed to documentation for previous versions which are not applicable to VAW 2.3 or B&R 3.0. Everyone refers to file exclusion, but no one can provide any information regarding path mask exclusions. Or, this feature does not yet exist. I'm in need of a path mask exclusion capability. C:\Users\*\AppData\* = C:\Users\JDoe\AppData\[all sub folders and files] excluded. If not already, when will this capability be available? If it is, what is the syntax for the path masking?


Reference: It's been 2 years since this subject was talked about and a feature request established. Wildcards for paths, folders, and files are a standard capability in many backup products.
Tue May 24, 2016 9:44 am

I was referring to exclude option in conjunction with file masks. Excluding folders by a mask is, indeed, not currently possible. Thanks for sharing your personal use case!
Dima P.

Dima P.
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Re: VAW: Path/Folder/File exclusions

Post by Dima P. » Feb 21, 2018 5:42 pm

Hi Jeff,

Wildcard support for paths in exclusion/inclusion masks planned for the next version of Veeam B&R. Thank you.

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Re: VAW: Path/Folder/File exclusions

Post by KB1501 » May 18, 2018 7:00 am

Hello Veeam Support! :-)

We use Veeam B&R I think this not the next version you're talking about.
As one part of my backup I do backup many files in many directories to LTO5. This is month by month and every day of the month is one path to backup. The source-structure is just like that and a full-backup of the root of all months with ongoing inkr-backup failed doe to very very huge temp-databases during the backup-prozess till the drive ist full (a few TB...) so only the manual way day-by-day for every month for 5 different sources works.
My question/feature-request: in the "files and folders"-mask in the file to tape backup-edit the use of wildcards would be very helpfull too. But not only an asterisk for a whole directory-part of a path, it would be good to be able to use wildcards for parts of a directory.
C:\path_01\subpath_01\ --> C:\path_01\subpath_*\

Do you think this will be possible too?

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Re: VAW: Path/Folder/File exclusions

Post by antspants7777 » Sep 09, 2019 9:03 am

Sorry for adding to this old post, but was wondering if this is now supported 18 months after the post above (Wildcard support for paths in exclusion/inclusion masks planned for the next version of Veeam B&R)
I have a customer that cannot split the 10TBS EXR (3DS MAx) files out of his 30TB datastore. He can recreate them, so doesn't want them backed up.
I have seemingly exhausted my options with the client and vendor for removing these files and don't have the backup space or bandwidth to transfer them to a remote site) to include them

However, they are only on 1 folder on one drive. (Yes a massive one)
So would like to add d:\projects\*.exr, rather than *.exr.

As the exclusion process is taking 9+ hours, I was just looking for any way to speed this up.

I am fully aware that the Application Aware option says "limit to hundreds of thousands" and he has millions, but looking for anything that might help at this point.
It is only updating the metadata at 60 files a second.
I can do a dir *.exr /s in minutes and not hours, so confused about what it is actually doing.

I can make a new ticket, add a support number tomorrow. I just wanted to get the ball rolling on any ideas.
Any ideas welcome.

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