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VAW source disk space warning query

Post by gosnells »


I have Veeam Agent for Windows setup to backup a machine.
One drive is dedicated to the pagefile, with 1.36GB free, or ~3.36% free.
Veeam Agent backups up ok, but the backup job email notification includes a warning: Disk pagefile (I:) is running low on free space"

I've done a search but only found references to BackupRepositoryFreeSpaceThresholdPercent (destination) and DisableVolumeFreeSpaceCheckWarning (all source drives) registry tweaks.

Is there a valid VolumeFreeSpaceThresholdPercent or similar regkey to tune this free space setting ?
Is there some other way to tune either the free space threshold or free space warning check on a PER drive basis ?
What would be the default percentage of space available threshold that triggers the disk space email job notification warning?
(this VAW instance is not linked to a B&R repo)

many thanks in advance.

edits: for clarification
Windows Server 2016 system

issue only observed on system running VAW
A similarly configured system (with same sized pagefile on same sized drive) running VAW doesn't give the same backup job disk space low warnings.

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Re: VAW source disk space warning query

Post by HannesK »

nope, nothing for drives. The DisableVolumeFreeSpaceCheckWarning is the only one to get rid of the message if you cannot free up space.

About VAW2: might be an issue that was fixed with VAW3

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