VEB and Tape

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VEB and Tape

Veeam Logoby aaron@ARB » Sun Apr 24, 2016 12:27 am

Hi all.. Sorry to be spamming this forum, I seem to have posted quite a few things lately.. The latest thing I would like some assistance and direction with is in relation to VEB files and tape backups.

I cycle through my tapes each week as in I have Week1 -> Week4 sets and then a new set for a monthly backup but given the way that I have now learnt that Veeam tape jobs work in that a tape job won't write the same data to tape even if you change the tape so if I have my retention set to 30 days for the VEB job, I will notionally have the VBK file on one set of tapes and then the VIB's spread out over 4 weeks of tapes which is not acceptable, I need to keep VEB's VBK and VIB files contained within the current weeks set.

The way that I get around this with VBR is to delete the backup chain each week and do an active full backup each weekend thus a new chain is created each week which allows me to write a new chain to tape each week.

This approach is not possible for my VEB endpoints as they are in other states which would not allow for a full backup transfer over the weekend only incrementals.

Putting your thinking caps on, is there a way that you can think of that I can get around this and ensure that the whole chain is on tape each week like I do with VBR? Perhaps rather than write to the VBR repository, I could write to a shared folder on one of the VBR backed up machines so it would capture it each time i backed up the VM? Does backing up to a shared folder break the Incremental functionality that I am now using (both in terms of actual functionality and time it takes to process?)

Any thoughts would be appreciated
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Re: VEB and Tape

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:26 pm

Hi Aaron,

Why not to use the 'virtual full' tape option and create the new full backup right after the new media set is opened?
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