VEB + TrueCrypt to VAW

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VEB + TrueCrypt to VAW

Veeam Logoby » Tue May 23, 2017 4:50 am


I'm the IT guy for a small non-profit. We've been using VEB for about a year now, with great happiness. I couldn't believe I found a backup solution like VEB for free. We backup internal HDDs on laptops to an external USB3 drive. Couple it with TrueCrypt and a PowerShell script, it works good for non-tech end-users, and eliminates risk if someone accidentally loses their backup drive (or laptop, for that matter).

Now I see that VAW has "source-side encryption". Does that really mean you intend that I could leave TC behind, and my backups would be encrypted on the external USB drive? (I've asked for more details on the encryption & keys in another thread). And with USB auto-eject (CryptoWall protection, which I currently implement with my PowerShell script), it looks like I could just use VAW and get the same solution? Solution, in a nutshell, is: encrypted backup of internal HDD to external USB drive, with rotating the drives among users.

I'm slack-jawed that this might be true, so asking out of paranoia, probably.

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Re: VEB + TrueCrypt to VAW

Veeam Logoby Mike Resseler » Tue May 23, 2017 5:00 am

Hi Marcus,

First: Welcome to the forums!

Second: You are not paranoid, it is true :-). VAW (it comes in 3 versions now. Workstation, Server and Free) has encryption out of the box (Yes, also in the free version) which indeed means that your backups will get stored encrypted on the target side. And while the Ransomware protection is indeed there, please note that it is just part of the defense... and certainly should not be the only defense you implemented against RansomWare.

More information on encryption: ... tml?ver=20

I will look for your other thread to answer your question around keys and encryption

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