Veeam Agent for Windows - Backup across a NAT firewall?

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Veeam Agent for Windows - Backup across a NAT firewall?

Veeam Logoby SKratzTS » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:18 pm

We have a couple of -really- low budget customers that have data stored on physical PCs that they want to back up remotely. My workplace has a large chunk of backup storage, but not enough to really be a cloud provider. They have local backups going to USB drives via Veeam's rental license (VMware backups), but we ran into a problem using Endpoint -- It would not traverse a NAT firewall to be able to store backups on a remote repository. (It would error out when it switched to the internal IP trying to send data to the repository rather than using the WAN IP configured to get it talking initially)

Will VAW 2.0 allow this functionality? I don't have a test machine that I'm allowed to put beta software on at the customer's location...
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Re: Veeam Agent for Windows - Backup across a NAT firewall?

Veeam Logoby CarlMcDade » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:57 pm 1 person likes this post

Have you thought about looking into the Cloud Connect program? This is still based on a monthly cost per protected VM. This connection then only needs TCP 443 and TCP 6180 to the service provider.

Side note: A Cloud Service Provider can create tenants and sub-tenants, so you could potentially rent space from a CSP and resell to your customers

Let me know if you want anymore information, I've just spent the last couple of weeks building out our proposition

Here's a guide for VAW to Cloud Connect if written: ... rkstation/

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