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Veeam Agent for Windows Licensing

Post by mchemacki » Mar 24, 2020 7:09 pm


I understand that Veeam used to work with Perpetual licenses in which we licensed each socket in the virtual space (ESX / Hyper-V hosts) and then we got an agent for Windows license per Windows physical host we have. Now Veeam has gone to Universal Licenses which makes sense.

If I have an environment already running with perpetual licenses, how would I add 1 physical host? I've been told that perpetual and subscription licensee can't mix. Is this true?
I've also been told that Veeam no longer offers a license for an agent for Windows (IE, under the perpetual license model, we can no longer buy licenses for physical machines).

Do I have to re-license everything under the subscription or can I still use the perpetual licenses for my ESX hosts, and buy one 10-pack of universal licenses to license my physical host?

Everything i own is enterprise plus if that helps. Thanks for answering in advance!

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Re: Veeam Agent for Windows Licensing

Post by Gostev » Mar 24, 2020 11:00 pm


In your case you don't need to license anything, as your Perpetual socket licenses include the matching number of "gifted instances" (up to 6 maximum), which you can use to protect a few physical servers. These are included specifically to make it easy for you to protect a few non-VM workloads without having to buy anything.

As far as the rest of your questions:

1. It's true that we only sell VUL (Veeam Universal License) in 10 instances packs only. Selling individual agents simply was not profitable.

2. It's true that we offer agents (and all other data sources we support these days) as a Subscription only, however this was always the case - we never had a Perpetual option for those.

3. It's NOT true that Perpetual and Subscription licenses can't be mixed. Veeam Backup & Replication v10 allows installing them in the same backup server side by side, and with 9.5 you could merge them in the licensing portal.

In general, Socket licenses are considered as legacy licenses that will be eventually be discontinued for new purchases. They simply no longer make sense, because they only apply to VM protection, whereas Veeam can protect so many other workloads these days too.

Perpetual vs. Subscription is a different story though. Currently, VUL is available as a Subscription only, but it's possible that we will have a Perpetual option in the future.


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