Veeam agent for windows - retention policy

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Veeam agent for windows - retention policy

Veeam Logoby Fabian C. » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:06 pm


While waiting for a solution for a backup problem with Veeam B&R solution, I have installed Veeam agent for windows free on one server.

It is configured to run daily, every week's days, and making a full Friday.
I set the "Keep backup for the past" to 7 days. The destination of the backup is a B&R repository.

The first week went ok:
Fri : vbk
Sat to Thu : vib
Second week went ok too :
Fri : vbk
Sat to Thu : vib

At this point of time it makes 2 full backup and 12 increments on disk (14 restore points).
I was expecting this Friday, Before the new full backup to see the First week be flushed from disk. But it was not the case and the full backup fall in error because of missing disk place.

Is it normal behaviors ? Do I have to change something to keep at max 2 weeks of backup ? (Never more than 2 vbk at the same time).
I have deleted the oldest week VBK + VIB files to make space, but when I look inside Veeam B&R I still see those restores points in the backup. Will this be corrected after the next backup ?

Tx you for your help :)

Fabian C.
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Re: Veeam agent for windows - retention policy

Veeam Logoby Technogod » Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:58 pm

After the retention period for the 2nd full backup is complete the 1st full backup and incremental backups will be deleted. Try rescanning the repository. Since backups were manually deleted I don't think this will fix it.
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