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VEEAM Backup recovery with problems

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1.) Its Veeam telling the that its current on Windows 10 Home 1909 with progs only. No self-generated data. Occasional use only.
2.) Crucial BX500 2.5 SSD 480 GB decided after having been wonky (occasional blue screens out of the blue and lags) for several weeks to finally kick the bucket.
3.) So its going to be a bare metal recovery from CD.
4.) OK – Let’s have a look at the VEEAM Backups on the Synology NAS.
5.) Great. A full backup 66 days ago from which the VEEAM ISO was extracted. Running fine.
6.) And then the most current incremental backup 11 days ago. Fine? No way. Telling me “Die Eingabezeichenfolge hat das falsche Format” Thank you very much. Drat.
7.) Let’s have look at the other a bit older incrementals.
38 days ago 9:31 or later no go
38 days ago 9:10 – fine. The latest and the greatest. Used it and was happy.
38 days ago 8:24 and earlier – fine

So what went wrong?
The incrementals were set to run upon ”When backup target is connected” and “Eject removable storage… and “Backup no more often than every 3 hours”.
All the latest incrementals up to 11 days ago had green bars.

If there is one faulty incremental all subsequent incrementals are not usable. It would be nice if the user would be informed about this clearly and in bold print. Or even better have some kind of repair. Or prevent such from happening altogether.

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Re: VEEAM Backup recovery with problems

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I would start with root cause investigation by opening a support ticket - we do have cases with Synology NAS on identical error message, and they end up with confirmed issues between OS and NAS box, outside of product boundaries. Please share the case ID here that we can follow it.

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