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Windows BSOD with agent backup converted to vmdk

Post by davide.depaoli » Mar 26, 2020 9:34 am

I have already found this post on the forum post357069.html?hilit=vmdk#p357069, but it seems unanswered.
My problem is in this time of smartworking I have a colleague (just one) with a physical pc in office (Win7 pro). This pc is remotely accessed via vpn/rdp but sometimes it freezes and is needed to go to the office to reboot (WakeOnLan is not working.....).
This pc is backed up with Veeam Agent (v3) on Veeam B&R (9.5u4) repository.
I'm trying to export vdisk as VMDK. The export works, but when I create a new VM (VMware vsphere 6.7) and attach this vmkd, on every boot the vm goes in BSOD and the Windows Repair tool is not able to repair the o.s.
Is there any workaround to make the vm working ?
thanks in advance
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Re: Windows BSOD with agent backup converted to vmdk

Post by wishr » Mar 26, 2020 10:59 am

Hi Davide,

While in general it's recommended to report such issues to the support team, I would personally start with investigating the BSOD reasons and performing CHKDSK on the Win7pro machine itself.


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