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AIX AGENT 3.0 RESTORE Slow, Times Out and Fails

Post by JCM »

Case # 05736623

Our restore from VB&R to AIX fails after two hours. Connection and processing continue until it hangs at the 2 hour mark and then nothing.
The commands are at command line and not in the background.
The directory is .22GB
File count 30276

VB&R version 11a
AIX Agent 3.0
AIX OS 7100-05
IBM power 8
The restore hangs and does not continue.
The speed on the restore is 800Kb/s and the backup is 250M/s
loopback (lo0) MTU is at 16896

The error in the log once the process stops executing is:
There was no finalized server sessions during the last 60 minutes.

As seen in the logs, it repeats every hour.

I have changed OS tuneables but nothing seemed to have made a difference.
Made changes to:
tcp_keepidle, tcp_keepintvl, tcp_keepinit

In the logs, Reconnect options: [enabled: timeout 1800000, interval 5000], stay the same.

Network Admin does not see any issues.

Any suggestions of what to check would be appreciated.

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Re: AIX AGENT 3.0 RESTORE Slow, Times Out and Fails

Post by HannesK »

in the end it will be checking the logs on the agent and backup server side. As far as I see, support requested some more logs and hopefully they find something then.

TCP timeouts should be irrelevant for such an operations and I would not change too many things at the same time.

What I noticed is, that you still use AIX agent 3.0. I would update to 4.0 first and see whether that solves it.

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