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Excluding Folders from Mac Agent Backup

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Need to create a backup policy which will backup the home folders of certain Mac users, but not their Movies, Music, and Pictures folders, as these can get quite large and are user responsibility, not school district responsibility. The username will differ on each Mac, so hardcoding path with username is not an option.

Backup mode: Custom Scope: /Users/

To exclude the subfolders within /Users/<username>/, I've tried (unsuccessfully):
*/Pictures/* states for Veeam Agent for Windows "Exclusions won't be applied because exclusions of folders with wildcards in the middle of the path are not supported," and then explains how to workaround this by adding a "FilesNottoSnapshot" registry key.
I realize Veeam Agent for Mac is not nearly as polished a product as Veeam Agent for Windows, yet, but clearly it is taking a snapshot of Mac at backup. Is there a way to accomplish this so I can backup over 1,000 Macs from this policy ?

Submitted to Veeam Support - Case # 04714389
Support tried using the Terminal/Environmental variable "$HOME" in place of the /Users/Username portion as well as $USER in place of the UserName portion.
Neither gave the desired results.

I could start excluding file extensions for typically large files, but that would also exclude these files from backups of all directories.

Any Veeam+Mac experts out there who have discovered a better way ?

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Re: Excluding Folders from Mac Agent Backup

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Will check if we have another way to do that, but it might take time, so please keep working with Support for now. I'll come back to you when we get some news.


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