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Feature requests for VA for AIX

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Here's a consolidated list of feature requests for the AIX Agent based on what I have seen since implementing the Veeam Agent for AIX V2. No priority is implied by the order they are listed.

Functional changes and additions
  • Queueing of jobs if one already running
    Currently, if a job is running when the start of another job is requested, the second job gets dropped and no restart is attempted. If jobs are scheduled too tightly together or one job takes significantly longer to finish than is normal, scheduled jobs can be missed. This should be changed to allow for periodic retries of the job(s) that attempt to be started while another job is running.
  • Provide email messaging functionality
    At present, the agent does not provide any email notification when jobs have errors, do not run on schedule, etc. The agent needs to be able to use the sendmail utility to send error and warning messages. One warning message that would be nice to have is a warning when a restore point has been mounted for more than a user-definable number of hours.
  • Ability to use findutils for indexing if it is already installed
    The agent currently uses the mlocate utility for indexing. However, the mlocate utility conflicts with the GNU findutils utility and cannot be installed if findutils is already installed. This should be changed to allow the agent to make use of the version of mlocate already installed as part of findutils.
  • Replace indexing utilty with one that only shows actual items in the backups
    The existing indexing utility is not integrated with the backup exclusion functionality. As a result, indexing will show files as if they were available in a restore point even though they were never backed up.
  • Option to create a mksysb image for DR
    Add an option to create a mksysb image that can be used to recreate a server. It should be able to be stored in a B&R repository. This would make it easy to keep a current mksysb image on a scheduled basis without resorting to using a cron driven script.
  • Option to create a set of vg and filesystem recovery scripts for DR
    Add an option to create a backed-up directory of data and scripts that can be used to recreate volume groups and filesystems. This would greatly speed up DR for a server, especially when used in combination with a mksysb image.
B&R Integration
  • Ability to use immediate copy mode for backup copy jobs
    Currently, only periodic backup copy jobs can be created that use VAA jobs as their source. It should also be possible to create immediate backup copy jobs.
  • Management of job parameters from the B&R console
    Job parameters and schedules are currently only visible from the AIX command line. It would be nice to be able to view them from the B&R console. It would be even better to also be able to modify existing job parameters and schedules from the B&R Console.
  • Ability to stop a running job from the B&R console
    Running jobs can only be stopped from the server command line. This requires someone with an AIX account on that server to be able to stop a job. A B&R console operator should be able to stop jobs.
  • Ability to start a job from the B&R console
    Jobs can only be started by schedule or by someone with an AIX account on a given server. A B&R console operator should be able to start jobs.
Integration with Enterprise Tools
  • Full integration into Enterprise Manager
    All VAA jobs that make use of B&R repositories should have their information reportable in VEM.
  • Integration with Veeam One for reporting
    All VAA jobs that make use of B&R repositories should have their information reportable as part of all Agent reports in Veeam One to provide a consolidated view of the Veeam backup environment.

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Re: Feature requests for VA for AIX

Post by HannesK »

Hello Phil,
thank you for the list. Many of your requests are planned as the "evolution like for every Veeam agent so far". Many years ago, the Veeam Agent for Windows (Veeam Endpoint Backup at that time) started with a similar feature set like Veeam Agent for AIX today. Over the years more and more functionality was implemented and still added today.

Take your requests as counted +1

Best regards,

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