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#04175281 Backup fails due to certificate/no valid private key

Post by adexl »

Dear community, I try to backup a v-server from Strato which is running Debian. Veeam Agent was installed successfully and a rescan operation from the Veeam Backup Console works fine. But when doing a backup the operation fails with the following error message:

Error: Failed to execute agent management command startBackup. The certificate used to connect to backup server has no valid private key.

I tried to use credentials user/root and even private/public key authentication. The remote server accepts both authentication methods without any issue. Does anyone have a similar problem or even knows a solution for that? Thanks for your kind help! Alex.

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Re: #04175281 Backup fails due to certificate/no valid private key

Post by HannesK »

unfortunately you did not attach logs to your case and the email address also seems to have a problem as the answer from support to you returned with "(Undelivered): 550 5.2.0 No such mailbox"

the next thing you might run into is that Strato V-Servers are Virtuozzo containers. So you need to do file based backup: veeam-agent-for-linux-f41/can-val-run-i ... =Virtuozzo

I don't know how much you want to backup, but maybe it is even easier to do NAS-backup instead of agent based backup.

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