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AWS Glacier

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I am designing a solution with Veeam for AWS to backup EC2 and RDS loads.

As I see in the manual, veeam for aws only supports standard s3 to store backups.
I would like to be able to archive low-use, long-retention backups to Glacier or S3 IA. How would it be possible?

It occurs to me to store the backups in S3 and from here using the native capacity of AWS (lifecycle manager) to export data to GLACIER.
Could Veeam manage this process? Can veeam restore backups stored on glacier?

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Re: AWS Glacier

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Currently, Glacier is not supported but it is on our roadmap to add support for it as we are aware of the high amount of requests for it.

If you want to move them to Glacier now, you’ll need to use custom scripts (native aws cli) to handle the process but VBA will not be able to see those backups. It may be better to look at the VBR integration and use backup copy jobs to other storage for now.
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Re: AWS Glacier

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Hi Niels
Does it support S3 Intelligent-Tiering for the repository?

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