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Newbie Questions

Post by quintero »

Hi. We've recently installed Veeam Backup for Google to backup one of our GCP VMs. Now we want to do a test restore of this VM to another location. I have setup a new GCP project specifically for doing the restores. However, when I run Veeam Backup for Google and choose to restore the VM to another location, the only project that appears in the dropdown list is the project that contains the VM that is being backed up.
How can I get it to detect the other project that I have specifically setup?

My other question relates to the networking side of things on GCP (so may not be relevant here). If I restore the VM to the new project, how much of an impact will this have on the currently running instance? Will it clash?

Thanks very much in advance.

UPDATE - Just seen how to add the project so please ignore that question!

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Re: Newbie Questions

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Hello Gareth,
Just saw your edit to the post, is there any question remaining? In order to help others in the future:
  • How to add a new Project
  • As per the Network question, you can restore the Static Public IP, are we discussing internal, or public static IP? I am assuming that if the VM you had a backup included a static public IP, and you try to restore that VM to another project, with that checkbox to restore public IP you should see a warning, or error, as it is in use per your scenario.
Let me double-check the second point and will come back to you.

UPDATE: Spoke with our QA leader, if you are restoring to another project, and you try to keep the static public IP it will warn you with something along "there is no such IP" and it will grab a dynamic one. If you try to restore to the same project, imagine you backup VM1, restore this to VM2 and try to keep the static public IP, it will want you "the IP is in use" and the new VM will grab a dynamic one as well.

Let us know
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