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backup/import pst files into Veeam backup for Microsoft 365

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we have 100+ pst files (backup of outgoing/fired users) from time before we had VBO. Now we backup all our mailboxes by VBO, but we still have these 100+ pst files.
Is it some way how to import pst file into VBO as intelligent backup of mailbox?

It is possible to do it by the way 1. create new account with clean mailbox, 2. restore pst file into mailbox, 3. backup by VBO, 4. remove the user and mailbox (100+ times)
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Re: backup/import pst files into Veeam backup for Microsoft 365

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Hi Jan

There isn't a direct PST import capability in our software.

It would be your second option. Creation of the mailboxes can be scripted (powershell) and please use for the import microsofts official import tool if they are Exchange Online Mailboxes. Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 can backup them afterwards.

Please also consider that such backup has also to be licensed if you create user mailboxes. The license will be free for other users after 31 days without a new backup. You can create Shared Mailboxes instead to work around the licensing (M365 and VB365).

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