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immutable backups V7

Post by jamerson »

Hi Guys,

We are using Ubuntu for our productions and it working file, i was wondering if we can add the hardend repo to the version 7.
if yes how i cannot seems to find it.
i can only see online providers as backups.
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Re: immutable backups V7

Post by Mildur »

Hi Julien

Hardened repositories are not supported for VB365. You cannot add them to VB365.

Our recommended storage type for VB365 backups is object storage. You can use OnPremise appliances like Cloudian or Minio or go with public cloud solutions like AWS or Wasabi.
This are just some examples. There are many more.
You can find tested and supported object storages in our Veeam ready database: ... vbo&page=1

Or our unofficial list of compatible object storages:
veeam-backup-for-microsoft-365-f47/unof ... 78250.html

For immutability in VB365 v7, only backup copy jobs will be immutable. Backup copy jobs are available for backups on object storage. Backups will be copied from one object storage to another object storage.

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