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Incremental Before Full Backup

Post by kssox05 »

I'm running Veeam Backup for O365 v6.1. I have the user mailbox backup jobs broken up by last name via dynamic groups in Azure. I noticed that all these user mailbox backup jobs are already showing as "incremental" in a running state. According to the latest backup state in Explorer for Veeam it is missing a lot of mailboxes meaning a complete full backup has not completed. Is this normal? Will the mailboxes that are currently missing ever get backed up or did these jobs become corrupt at some point?
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Re: Incremental Before Full Backup

Post by Mildur »

Hi kssox05

Sounds unexpected. If you can see the user in Azure in the dynamic group, and the backup session details tells you it was protected, then you must be able to restore data. If the full backup is missing, the product should do a new full backup instead of just incremental.
Please open a case with our support team to check the behavior in the logs. Also don't forget to share the case id with us for our reference.

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