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Is it possible to add encryption after the repo has been configured?

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We have an O365 console pending upgrade (due to various issues, we are still on the latest v5 patch).

We have added the account of a customer to whom we provide Microsoft 365 copy service. We noticed that, although we haven't started copying the customer backup yet, during the configuration of the Object Storage Repository we forgot to add the encryption password. If we now try to edit the repository, the encryption option is greyed out.

Is the only option to delete the repository and recreate it, re-establishing the connection to the Object Storage Repository?

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Re: Is it possible to add encryption after the repo has been configured?

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Hi Carlos,

Encryption can only be applied to a newly created repository. When you delete the current one from the console, the metadata will still remain in object storage, and if you re-add the same folder as your repository, VB365 will recognize its previous settings and block enabling encryption (this protects from misconfigurations when some backups are already there). So, in your case, you will need to create another new repository, and it can simply be a new logical folder in your object storage. The unneeded one can be safely removed from the VB365 scope, and then you can clean its metadata from the object storage itself.

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