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License removal after 31 days vs Powershell immediately

Post by rjwolf82 »

We are using Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 for a couple of months now.
At the moment we have a license for 80 users, Veeam report is showing that license has been exceeded because we have 82 users in the backup.

We have excluded 5 users from the backup selection because those users are not needed anymore in the backup.
We can wait 31 days and Veeam will automatically remove the license for those users and we have 5 available licenses.

If we want to remove the license immediately we can use Powershell, but then we have to delete all the backup data first and after that we can delete the license for the user.
But what If we want to keep the data and only remove the license, is that not possible with Powershell?

If we wait 31 days, will the data be kept and only the license will be removed?
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Re: License removal after 31 days vs Powershell immediately

Post by Mildur »

Hello Robert-Jan

Yes. Removing the license with Powershell before the 31 days requires you to delete all backed up data of this user.
If the old user wasn‘t backed up within 31 days, the license gets revoked automatically and data stays in the repository.

If you have a subscription license for 80 user, you can officially exceed it by 10 users. ... e-exceeded

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