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o365 exchange backup, one mailbox few days

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as I was not able to find a topic with this question in the last month, I will try to ask.
We have the problem that on our exchange backup we have 250 accounts and for 249 accounts the backup take some min. max. hours but we have one mailbox which is very used and the backup for the one mailbox is taking 4 days.

How we can "fight" with this problem and to speed it up please?
Would the temporarily disable Exchange Web Services throttling request help and we need to retry it every 90 days or do you have some other idea please?

Thank you!

Br, Stano
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Re: o365 exchange backup, one mailbox few days

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Hello Stano

I suggest opening a support case.
4 days sounds wrong. I don't think it's a throttling issue if this is not the initial backup session for this mailbox.
Don't forget to provide the case number with us.

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