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Object storage 'read operations'

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Hi, just looking for some clarification/reassurance. We use Azure storage accounts for object storage repositories and offload all backup data. During backup jobs, does any of this data need to be read, or does all comparison (to find new or expired data) happen at the Storage Repository level in the local JET database? This will impact our cost calculations.

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Re: Object storage 'read operations'

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Hi Tia

For Object Storage based repositories in VB365 you configure a folder to store a jet based database.
This database is used as a cache database.

Each time you run a backup job, the product will compare new objects in your M365 tenant against the cache to check if they were already protected by the same or another backup job. We don't read this data from object storage to save egress and API costs.
The cache is also used when you do a restore task. Our restore explorer reads the hierarchy and protected items from the cache. ... tml?ver=60

Just note that you won't see zero read operations. There will always be some communication between VB365 proxy and object storage.
We have a few examples for the initial backup in our best practice guide: ... ackup-data

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