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2008 R2 domain controllers

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I've been running v5 for a couple of weeks now backing up about 170 machines without problem apart from two 2008 R2 domain controllers. When running a backup both DC's fail with an error - Failed to parse "."

They are version 7 machines and I have tried with and without guest intergration.
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Re: 2008 R2 domain controllers

Post by joergr »

you could try to re-add the two vms to your backup job, when re-adding them make sure you focus on the vc selection search and not on the server selection search (little buttons in the right when looking for vms). If they still fail i´d suggest you open a support ticket with veeam (instructions will appear when you open a new topic).
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Re: 2008 R2 domain controllers

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Hi, hard to say not seeing the whole error, but it sounds like it relates to invalid VMX content for those 2 VMs, so re-adding VMs to the job will likely not help. I too suggest opening case with support directly, they will be able to tell from full log files what exactly is wrong in those VMX files. Thanks!
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