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7.0 direct to SAN?

Post by Starman » Aug 16, 2013 8:58 pm

Hola Gentlemen!

I have configured my Veeam 7 server in the exact same manor as my 6.5 with all of the proper ISCSI connections to my Equalogic and when I do a backup, it still reports that its doing a hot add. I've gone back and forth between my 6.5 7.0 server and everything is the same. I'm wondering if there is any advice from the Veeam guys.

Just did the initial on a 500 gig Exchange server (200 transferred) and it completed in 15 minutes at near 600 mb/sec


Edit: I switched the backup proxy to force SAN and its now in SAN made however, the problem that I have is that I also have direct attached shared storage which I want it to use Hot Add for and now for those it switches to Network. Wish I could install 2 proxies on the Veeam server and pick between them. This can be a problem.

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Re: 7.0 direct to SAN?

Post by tsightler » Aug 16, 2013 10:29 pm

In automatic mode the proxy should always pick SAN first if a volume is available that way. It can take some time for it to properly discover all of the attached SAN volumes and their associated VMs. This is actually one of the most common scenarios I see when SAN mode fails, people add it and immediate run it and it doesn't work because it hasn't finished discovery. This is especially common if you installed Veeam or the proxy role prior to presenting the SAN storage as discovery of new volumes is not dynamic, it's a scheduled process.

I have this exact setup in my home lab (mix of Direct SAN via iSCSI and direct attached shared storage) and it works properly using SAN and Hotadd where appropriate, so I know that it should definitely work.

Regarding installing 2 proxies, you can technically cheat and do this by creating an alias (or adding it once by name and once by IP). You can then have two different forced settings for the same proxy. I don't really recommend this, and I doubt support does either, but I've used this method on occasion when I needed for force a specific mode for a subset of VMs with a single proxy.

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Re: 7.0 direct to SAN?

Post by kte » Aug 17, 2013 9:46 pm

Can you do a rescan somewhere in veeam to pick the newly presented san volumes??
If you restart the veeam services it works but maybe there is an option in the GUI

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Re: 7.0 direct to SAN?

Post by Vitaliy S. » Aug 18, 2013 2:34 pm

Yes, you can. To force storage rescan command, you need to click the Backup Infrastructure node in the management tree, and choose the Rescan Storage.

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