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A great way to replicate off-site

Post by jgremillion »

So I was talking with a Veeam Techrep (Mark Carroll) the other day about a nice way to keep a copy of VBR files off-site. He said that instead of trying to replicate our 10 TBs to our DR site, he suggested that I just kick off another backup job, which is a copy of the original backup job, after the job finishes.

Sounds like a good idea.

I created a second job and went to the properties and copied the link (at the end of the job creation): D:\Veeam\Backup and FastSCP\Veeam.Backup.Manager.exe" backup 9cc4a8b3-4f23-4e3b-9d92-ea68479d1696.

After my original job runs and tries to launch the script: D:\Veeam\Backup and FastSCP\Veeam.Backup.Manager.exe" backup 9cc4a8b3-4f23-4e3b-9d92-ea68479d1696, I receive an error.

The error states that the job specified can't be found.

Is this the correct link for launching a second job after the original job finishes?

Any other suggestions regarding this?
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Re: A great way to replicate off-site

Post by Gostev »

Joe, the command seems to be correct, but probably you are not using the correct GUID. If you provide full logs to our support, they will be able to find out why this is not working for you. Overall it is very common practice among our customers to daisy chain jobs like that, and there are definitely no known issues with this functionality. Thanks!
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Re: A great way to replicate off-site

Post by dkvello »

I'm curious, exactly how does this work ?
Are You backing up first to disk, and then doing the exact same to a remote file-share or the like ?
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