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Access Denied with Extract utility

Post by smithjamesp55 »

Now I'm examining the extract utility. When I try to run extract -dir pathtovbk (where pathtovbk is the actual path), I get an access denied message. Specifically, it says, "Failed to open file [path to file location] in readonly mode. --tr:Failed to open storage for read access. Storage: [path to file location]. --tr:Failed to list items in the storage [path to file location]."

Are there some special permissions I need to set in order for it to read/list/extract the information?


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Re: Access Denied with Extract utility

Post by Gostev »

Hi James, read permissions should be sufficient. Thanks.

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Re: Access Denied with Extract utility

Post by alexfeig1 »

Had the same thing happen to me... it actually requires the path + filename to work (and not just the path like it asks for).

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